Lead Generation Site

Let’s focus on the business-purpose for your website!

Your business website’s home page is modified into a lead-generation machine! Consequently, your primary customers receive a clear, simple message and call-to-action from your website. Ensure that new visitors to your website receive clear information about WHAT pain will be solved by your business, and HOW they can learn more or speak to someone quickly about solving their ‘pain’.

Do you need a Lead-Generation website OR need to modify your existing website into a Lead-Generation website? Let’s create your Lead-Generation website, now!

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Video Membership Subscription Site

Give your clients/fans more of you, wherever they are in the world!

Do you demonstrate workshops or classes in person on a regular basis or other creative activity that your fans flock to in person? If so, why not provide your fans with weekly video updates via video subscriptions, so they can enjoy your lessons when they are on vacation, at home or other distant locations yet still want to participate in what you are offering? They will truly appreciate the convenience and you have happy clients receiving your content, regularly, more frequently!

Do you desire this exceptional, revenue stream via subscribers to your content? Let’s create your Video Membership Subscription (VMS) website, now!

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Content Marketing Design

Newsletter, Graphics & Social Media Design

You can engage your clients with email newsletters that match your website branding. I’ll make sure your business’ news and information are enveloped in brand-complimenting visuals! Creating, customizing and updating Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and other social media accounts to reflect your brand, is also available.

Do you desire to increase subscribers/clients? A newsletter is an excellent way to achieve that goal! I can design an interactive PDF that you’ll be delighted to share.

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Web Design & Development

Attractive, Responsive/Mobile-Friendly & Global

My website design/development bliss is creating/establishing functionally effective, attractive and profitable websites/sites with great user experiences and/or the multi-media content for your existing site(s). The created websites can be simple, content-based websites to completely customized blogs and websites with exceptional technology, for the best results.  Multi-media includes video, graphics, PDFs, copy/text, social media, newsletters, presentations, blogs and more.

I utilize various platforms and other great technology. Also, websites/sites are established  using responsive, mobile-friendly design/platforms so the pages of your site(s) adjusts fluidly, for optimal viewing on all screen sizes, including mobile devices. I want your clients to be able to view your wonderful content on any/every computing device they use!

Ideal clients are entrepreneurs, freelancers and other business people with one or more of the following:

  • unattractive,
  • antiquated ‘old-tech’,
  • non-mobile-friendly

websites/sites, that desire/require someone else to create a better site and those that need:

  • a fix
  • multi-media and/or
  • an enhancement

to their current websites/sites! Of course, one exceptional, popular and profitable site-enhancement is the Video Membership Subscription Site (mentioned above), which maximizes your profits via your existing clients/fans and your new clients/fans!

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